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    VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam (nicknamed Vizag) is the largest city, both in terms of area and population in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.Visakhapatnam's economy ranks as the eighth-largest among Indian cities, with a GDP of $26 Billion (USD).

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    Desert of JaiselmerJaisalmer is a "The Golden City" in the Indian state of Rajasthan.The town stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone.

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    City of AjmerAjmer is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains. It is a pilgrimage center for the shrine of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti and is also the base for visiting Prushka (11km), an ancient Hindu pilgrimage city, famous for the temple of Brahma. Ajmer has been selected as one of the heritage cities for the HRIDAY - Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana scheme of Government of India.

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    Snow in HimalayaThe word "Himalaya" means House of Snow in Sanskrit.The Himalayas are very popular for tourists because it has a lot of wildlifeThe formation of the Himalayas resulted in the lighter rock of the seabeds of that time being lifted up into mountains..

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    Mehrangarh fortThe museum in the Mehrangarh fort is one of the most well-stocked museums in Rajasthan. In one section of the fort museum there is a selection of old royal palanquins, including the elaborate domed gilt Mahadol palanquin which was won in a battle from the Governor of Gujarat in 1730. The museum exhibits the heritage of the Rathores in arms, costumes, paintings and decorated period rooms.

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    Prinsep GhatIt is one of the oldest recreational spots of Kolkata. People visit it in the evenings on weekends to go boating on the river, stroll along the bank and purchase food from stalls there. One stall selling ice cream and fast food has been there for more than 40 years. A 2-kilometre (1.2 mi) stretch of the beautified riverfront from Princep Ghat to Babughat (Baje Kadamtala Ghat) was inaugurated on 24 May 2012.It has illuminated and landscaped gardens and pathways, fountains, and renovated ghats.

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    Umaid Bhawan PalaceUmaid Bhawan Palace, located at Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India, is one of the world's largest private residences. A part of the palace is managed by Taj Hotels.Recently, Umaid Bhawan Palace was awarded as the World's best hotel at the Traveller's Choice Award.The interior central dome sits above the sky blue inner dome. The inner vaulted dome is a major attraction in the palace which rises to a height of 103 feet.


Namaste! Welcome to India Outtabox

Welcome To India Outtabox

“India Outtabox” is the Travel start up the initiative of Outtabox Initiatives Pvt Ltd., which started its journey in January 2014 in the BPO industry. The core idea that India Outtabox came into existence was to create Friendship… beyond boundaries!!!

We wanted our tourist’s friends to visit India as they visit a friend’s house.We wanted them to not just see the monuments, but we wanted them to feel the culture. We wanted them to not just take back souvenirs, but the memories of their friends in India. Hence, India Outtabox

Mr. Williams, when their kids moved out, had a room in their house, which they converted into Bed and Breakfast and aligned it with an NGO. Foreign students and interns came to work with this NGO and stayed at Williams’ house. Those interns and students are now close friends with Williams’ family. Vinny, younger son of the family, with a creative mind, took this idea to another level and the idea that got shaped was just out of the box… India Outtabox!!!

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Jac from USA

I stayed with the Williamses for 2 months and really enjoyed myself! The guest house is conveniently located near the main road and is in a fairly safe area. Both Uncle and Auntie Williams have really interesting stories to tell and really care about their guests. If you need a place to stay, do consider staying here

Jack Gregory from Canada

I stayed with the William's for six months, while working with an NGO in Jodhpur. I could not have asked for a better place to live. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are such kind-hearted and generous people. They made me feel like a part of the family and encouraged me to learn Hindi (as much as that was possible). They are incredibly accommodating and open-minded.

Whether you're interested in Indian cultural immersion or simply keen on a local perspective and a home-cooked meal, I would encourage you to contact the Aastha Guest House.

Sara Haltmen From Colorado, USA

Mr. and Mrs. Williams are the most gracious hosts. I stayed in their home for two months in 2009 when I was working for a local NGO. They helped orient me to the local area and gave me recommendations of things to do on my days off. They were most welcoming in sharing their culture and community with me and entertaining all my curiosities and interests. They took me to weddings, social gatherings, introduced me to neighbors, and shared an abundance of local cuisine with me. I really enjoyed getting to know them and the lovely conversations we shared over the dinner table. Their warm nature and generous hospitality made my stay in Jodhpur a most memorable experience.

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Preferred Travel Partner – India Outtabox

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We are constantly trying to improve your travel Experience by Providing World class Services.

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Who We Are

“India Outtabox” is a team of highly motivated professionals coming from different sectors. They bring huge experience from the hospitality industry contributing towards this initiative of
“Friendship Beyond Boundaries”.

Operations Team

Vinny K Williams

CEO & Founder

Vinny brings along a wide range of experience from Sales & Marketing to Hospitality to BPO industry. “India Outtabox” is his brainchild, an outcome of his adventurous and creative side. His passion towards traveling, making friends, and promoting his country has given birth to the very concept of ”India Outtabox”. He is sure that a perfect mix of all three would create long lasting memories for our friends who would travel across boundaries.


Asst. Manager – Training

She has been instrumental in setting up process and training for various organizations in past. She has close to a decade of experience into designing and implementing the trainings in corporate world. Prior to working with HSBC, she has been an integral part of Training & Quality Team while working with Andromeda BPO Pvt Ltd and Celtycs Outsourcing Pvt Ltd.


Asst. Manager – Customer Service & Operations

She has spent over 10 years into Banking & Telecom sectors, Usha has worked with companies like HSBC, Andromeda BPO Pvt Ltd and Xten BPO Pvt ltd handling end to end process of a major telecommunication giant. She brings along a vast experience spanning across domains ranging from Sales, Customer Service, Collections and Retentions.

Board of Advisors

Kishore Williams

Advisor-Hospitality & Planning

“William Saab”, as fondly known by the Jodhpur-ites (Jodhpur, a city in Rajasthan, India) brings with him a wide experience from the hospitality and banking industry. He would help us plan and design the trip for our friends. His in-depth knowledge and experience of the industry would make sure “India Outtabox” offers a cost-effective trip along with the affection and warmth of the Indian hospitality.

Kanchan K Williams

Co-Founder & Advisor – F & B

“Kanchan Mam”, recently awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Taj Group of Hotels, presented by the Royal Family of Jodhpur, has a wide knowledge and over 30 years of experience of Indian Hospitality. She would be contributing towards planning the food for our friends to make sure we serve them the true Indian taste without messing up their food habits. She would also make sure that our friends get the comfort of their bed but in Indian style.

Our Achievements

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What Do We Offer!!!

India Outtabox is a travel startup that intends to provide its services to three different segments of Tourism. We want to make sure that we provide all possible services to anyone who is visiting India, whether it is for Tourism, Business, Education or Medical reasons, we want whoever comes to India, should leave with all good memories. We want each one of our International friends to have a special bond with India, to have a special relation with India, and for that, we can even go out of the box. that’s why we call ourselves India Outtabox!!!

Our Services

  • Liesure / Tourism

  • Medical Tourism

  • Educational Tourism

  • Namaste…!!!

    India has a lot of history, lot of flora and fauna, a variety of culture, and an endless lists of food and to make sure you get to experience the best of each bit, we, at, India Outtabox has come up with two new unique concept:

    Completely personalizing your India trip as per your interests, your food, your local commute, places you want to visit, everything will be planned and arranged as per your choice interests. To make you stay connected to your family back home, we plan to provide your Indian numbers even before you leave your home country. So, your family and friends would know where are you in India, keeping you safe and in touch with them all the time.

    Give you an Indian lifestyle – as per your interest, we make you stay with an Indian family, making sure all your comforts and security is met. Living with an Indian family, spending time with them, going out for sightseeing with them, will make your India trip more lively and energetic. being a local with you will always help you, whether it’s about your safety or shopping.

    We, at India Outtabox strives to make your India trip one of the most beautiful trips of your life. We would even provide you with an Indian number even before you leave your home country. This will ensure that you are in constant contact with your friends and family when you are in India. If required, we will provide you with a latest smartphone with Whatsapp, Instagram, Email, Skype to make sure you do not incur any data charges on your international roaming.We would introduce you to your host even before you arrive in your destination city, this way you’ll always be sure about your next destination. We will carefully plan your food, your sightseeing, your recreation, so that you get the best of India.

    You might be interested in seeing desert, or a sea beach, or maybe you want to take a dive into the rich culture of India, You might want to learn traditional Yoga or taste the wide variety of Indian delicacies, you may want to fill your soul with spicy Indian curries or topup your vocabulary with Indian words, we’ll have everything ready for you, we’ll make it all part of your itinerary. So, that when you leave for your home country, you take India along, in your heart and in your memories.And above all, we’ll always be a phone call or a text away, so that you are never lost or never alone. You may travel as a backpacker, or with a friend or it may be your family trip, with India Outtabox, you can be sure of your safety, your comfort and your memories, of course, keeping everything within your budget.

    During Vedic times the 4th ~ 2nd Century BC many ancient text on medicine were published by Indian sages and scholars namely “Charaka Samhita & Sushruta Samhita” these were comprehensive Ayurveda & medical treatise which are still prevalent and practiced in India and are referred and respected in the West. It became the foundation of modern day medicine.Today India is at the helm of medical facilities and services because it produces the highest number of highly qualified doctors and alternative medicine experts in fields of Ayurveda, Unani & Siddha. We can boast about one of the best infrastructure and application of medical technologies in providing world class services for a wide range of treatments at extremely economical prices.

    Whether it’s for an organ transplant or a cosmetic procedure, a remedy for some chronic disease or pain or building hope for a new life through IVF treatments, India is a one stop destination for getting the paramount medical and paramedical care.We at Outtabox bridge this gap between the despair and hope for millions of people across the world and assist them in finding the best advice and treatment in India and in the background managing all your worries about local accommodation, travel, hospitality, doctor appointments, and nursing care.Our network is spread across the country and we have tie-ups with Doctors, Super specialists, hospitals, pathology laboratories, paramedics and alternate medicine experts.

    India Outtabox is just a call away ! We will be happy to be your well being partner in India!

    Till then stay healthy and keep hope!

    India is the land of “ArthShashtra” teaching Economics and Politics, “Charak Samhita” teaching Ayurveda and lot many subjects that students world over wants to read.India has remained an important center of education for most of the South-Asian countries since the ancient period. Taxila University, Nalanda University, and Vikramshila University were epitome of knowledge and most preferred destinations for not only domestic scholars but also foreign travelers for knowledge sharing and learning purposes.

    Degrees or Courses

    India Outtabox extends its services to all such students who wants to come to India to study or research on a particular topic. We can help them by finding the right course, right university, fee procedures, place to stay, food and local commute ensuring that they get what they are looking for without spending extra money or without getting mislead.

    Short Group Tours

    Along with Helping students for their long-term courses, India Outtabox also provides services to Schools/Colleges who want to organize short educations tours to India. India has a rich culture and a mesmerizing history. There is lot to study here from Mughals exploring India to Britishers ruling India, From Indus Valley Civilization to Portuguese Colonies, from rich flora and fauna to ancient tombs and mosques, India has it all and we at India Outtabox is all set to flaunt it all.

    So, reach out to us whether it is a short educational tour or whether it is a specific topic you want to explore.

    India Outtabox is waiting for you!!!

    Top Destination

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    BE OUR Host

    Be Our Travel Host

    If you have room to share, you can join us and earn big money!!!

    And we are glad that you took this decision to join us as a family to host our guests. This will not only give you the opportunity to earn good money but will also give you and your family an exposure to the world outside India. With this, you get the opportunity to spend time with a foreigner and get to know about his/her country or culture.

    Joining Process


    Share Your Info

    You fill up the form below – Attach pictures of the room you want to share


    Team Discuss

    One of our team members will call you and discuss the entire process with you.



    You send us the requisite fees and documents.


    Backend Verification

    We will conduct a background check and verify all your documents and details. – Since you will be hosting foreigners, it is our responsibility to make sure all our host families have secure and safe place for them to stay. Along with ours, these guests are your responsibility as well, so, we are sure you would allow us to run the background security check, and also, will make sure you provide and safe and comfortable environment to our guests.


    Visit Your Location

    Our Team visits your place to meet you in person as well as to make sure your room and other details match the ones you provided initially. At this stage, we will also suggest you tips and ideas to make sure our guests enjoy staying with your family. All the expenses of this visit will be borne by you. We will also discuss our terms & conditions with you during this visit.


    Certificate Partnership

    Once our team submits their feedback, and if you are through this process of selection – we will provide you with a certificate of partnership with us. And will also include you in our database to allot guests to you.

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    Be our Travel Dost!!!

    We are glad that you have decided to join us as our “Travel Dost”. You are our face to our customers(we hate to call them customers, they are our friends and should be treated like one!!!). By partnering with us, you are opening up a can of opportunities. We appreciate each team member of our, the efforts they put in, and the passion and the positive attitude they put in to bring results. We expect the same for you. Before you proceed further to fill up the form, let us promise you that your sincere efforts and hard work will definitely be recognized and rewarded.

    Go ahead and fill up the form to join The Team India Outtabox…!!!


    We believe, to make ourselves successful, we need people who are passionate about the success, and so, it is important that they know all about us and style of working. So, everyone who joins us at this stage will join us at an Intern level, and grow with the company. We guess this is what we say, Earning our success!!!
    As an Intern, you will be responsible for all our tasks and activities based out of your region. This position is initially work-from-home, however, we are looking for passionate and aggressive people who can take up the challenge of helping us set up our offices in their region. Our Interns after 6 months of performance will be offered full-time opportunities.

    Go ahead and fill up the form to join The Team India Outtabox…!!!

    Joining Process

    Submit Form

    You fill up the form below and submit


    We receive your information and match them with our requirement.


    If Shortlisted, one of our team members will call you for a small interview and to discuss the further steps, else you will receive an email informing you that you have not been shortlisted.

    Job Description

    After receiving feedback from step 3 and if shortlisted, one of our team members will call you to explain you, your job description, terms & conditions, and about the company.


    On mutual agreement and acceptance, we’ll send you the offer letter with all the details mentioned. You will have to sign and send a copy back to us.

    Travel Dost/Interns

    You are now ready to represent our company and will be known as “Travel Dost/Interns”

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    Contact Us

    Find Us At

    D-1A, Sir Pratap Colony,
    Near Paanch Batti

    Give us a Ring


    Email Us


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